Boeing and U.S. Air Force Extend Partnership on Next-Generation GPS

Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company. It is also considered the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense. It is known to be the US top export. They support over 15 countries and are offering customers great deal of services. Their services include military aircraft, satellites, weapons, defense systems and electronics.They have been known to be leaders for a long time and have been expanding for a long time to be able to meet the customer’s needs. They employ over 150,000 in more than 65 countries. They always try to work hard. They recently decided to extend their partnership to be able to sustain GPS constellations.

This agreement enabled the GPS capabilities. I will ensure navigation capabilities that is relied on by many people for example millions of military and commercial users a relying on it. this agreement is supposed to last for 5 years and is a part of the air force effort that leads to the next generation satellites. Dan Hart, vice president, Government Satellite Systems mentioned “This agreement continues Boeing’s strong legacy of GPS innovation and mission support,” he also mentioned that “We are focused on delivering reliable, affordable and resilient GPS capability now and for generations to come.”

The recently accrued more than 550 years of on orbit operations. Which is extremely good for them? That is how they have been able to build their presence and be one of the leading companies for long time. knowing that they are the world’s largest aerospace company puts them in a a great place for competition and therefore they have always been trying to do their best and be their best compared to other companies. Aerospace purchasing is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor.

They are a streamline aerospace purchasing platform. They are dedicated mainly for sourcing and purchasing aerospace requirements they also sell Boeing Aircraft parts. They have 3 location in the USA that allows delivery and next day deliveries requirements which is really interesting and is a great service.

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