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Aerospace Purchasing is your sourcing solution for all your project needs, and you may peruse through this ATA Chapter list of parts to find everything you require with ease. We have many in-demand part numbers readily available for purchase today, including 4004TC02, 340W8145-505, 6005305, C25243102, MXP141, and others that are each listed with their individual ATA Chapter code. The ATA Chapter code of a particular item will define where it belongs within the ATA 100 system, a numbering system and referencing standard for commercial aircraft documentation. Using such information, one can better ensure that the part they are procuring is indeed what they require for their needs. All of the items on this ATA Chapter list come from reputable manufacturers that we trust, including Lucas Aerospace FCS Paris, Other, Messier Bugatti Dowty, Intertechnique, Pall GmbH Luftfahrttechnik, , and many more. If you are interested in beginning the purchasing process, be sure to fill out and submit an RFQ form as soon as possible so that we may supply you with a competitive quote for your comparisons.

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Part No. Manufacturer ATA Chapters Part Description Conditions Date Approved RFQ
4004TC02 lucas aerospace fcs paris 52-33-19 four-way selector N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
340W8145-505 other 71 harness regulator valves core N/A N/A RFQ
6005305 other 32 transducer anti skid N/A N/A RFQ
C25243102 messier bugatti dowty 32-47-48 safety valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
MXP141 intertechnique 35-11-79 flight crew mask stowage N/A 9/27/2012 RFQ
4177-0088-5 other 28 stick-fuel measuring N/A N/A RFQ
47111-1203 other 79 heat exch. eng&idg f/o N/A N/A RFQ
340W8114-501 other 71 harness assy-fire detector rh side N/A N/A RFQ
F5746279800400A other 57 slat assy no.7 lh N/A N/A RFQ
9931310-01 other 25 seat assy, lh std tpl-dbl N/A N/A RFQ
58T770-01 other 80 tube to duct air N/A N/A RFQ
F5757120201200 other 57 flap assy-outboard lh N/A N/A RFQ
523A1700-01 other 27 shaft ay N/A N/A RFQ
C914055N01-1K other 25 sideboard assy rh N/A N/A RFQ
A2567035702400 other 25 bracket N/A N/A RFQ
301-796-301-0 other 75 valve-lptacc N/A N/A RFQ
697621001 other 27 shaft assy N/A N/A RFQ
59T180 other 73 hose N/A N/A RFQ
54T500-01 other 79 tube-assy of press oil trim N/A N/A RFQ
AWD9252-HMV other 52 door assy-crew N/A N/A RFQ
35-930-1001 other 27 indicator trim,rudder N/A N/A RFQ
A2528707800000 other 25 lower ceiling panel N/A N/A RFQ
S20210-167-301 other 25 armcap lh N/A N/A RFQ
3352001-503GW26 other 25 ceiling panel N/A N/A RFQ
114087006 other 32 valve-bypass, door N/A N/A RFQ
A3068-7 other 71 strut assy-fan cowl N/A N/A RFQ
50A374 other 72 tube assy no 4 brg scavage N/A N/A RFQ
QA06304 pall gmbh luftfahrttechnik 29-00-62 hydraulic filter assembly N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
442098 other 73 unit-hydromechanical N/A N/A RFQ
390-611-601-0 other 72 connector-identification cfm56-5b4/2p N/A N/A RFQ
C20194000-4 other 32 carbon brake a310-322 N/A N/A RFQ
789A0000-01 other 27 gearbox-line N/A N/A RFQ
RT19J3FX other 25 actuator N/A N/A RFQ
60386-101 other 25 reservoir and valve assy N/A N/A RFQ
HFE2005-10 iacobucci 25-30-04 espresso maker N/A 4/9/2013 RFQ
TC296-02 other 77 t49.5 thermocouple wiring harness N/A N/A RFQ
A2528849000400 other 25 handrail assy N/A N/A RFQ
S20211-001-005 other 25 seat, double ctr, standard N/A N/A RFQ
913004 other 23 airshow control unit (acu) N/A N/A RFQ
551C0200-01 other 27 joint assy,univers (shaft) N/A N/A RFQ
D2567044503800 other 25 cover-escape slide,aft N/A N/A RFQ
21SN04-19B other 79 switch low oil press N/A N/A RFQ
29490 other 21 fan,electrically driven N/A N/A RFQ
400970-13 other 29 hose assy to hydr power N/A N/A RFQ
NRB6231-504 other 57 slat assy n0.5 rh N/A N/A RFQ
72A100-703 other 54 fairing assy-pylon, lower aft N/A N/A RFQ
AVL7145-1 other 54 pan assembly-drip N/A N/A RFQ
A425400467704 other 25 seat assy-toilet N/A N/A RFQ
SR10760000-7019 OS3 other 76 throttle module assembly N/A N/A RFQ
427118 other 73 tee N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1268-23 other 57 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
716TS06Y other 32 xmtr strg rh-hdwl N/A N/A RFQ
TRA73-60 other 26 panel smoke detector N/A N/A RFQ
A25475635N-OS other 25 door hlh N/A N/A RFQ
F5332702600000 other 53 panel assy 191kb N/A N/A RFQ
ARM0064-502 other 30 anti ice tel.-duct rh N/A N/A RFQ
50-0176-1 grimes aerospace company 33-46-12 aircraft taiing light-fixed position N/A 4/9/2013 RFQ
CZZ1776-3 other 54 fairing N/A N/A RFQ
2-7737-1 ge aviation 32-40-15 fuse assembly, quantity measuring N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
5006397L hamilton sundstrand 27-81-32 actuator-geared-rotary N/A 1/23/2012 RFQ
NSA8685-21 other 36 coupling-band N/A N/A RFQ
5A2927-102 other 25 packboard ay, dr 2 rh N/A N/A RFQ
64040-861-1 other 34 indicator a/s stby N/A N/A RFQ
CFM56-5B2/2P other 72 engine a321 aircraft N/A N/A RFQ
HAC19460 other 75 thermocouple immersion N/A N/A RFQ
830A0000-02 other 27 actuator-slat N/A N/A RFQ
3876072-2 garrett 49 - APU sensor SV 5/31/2005 RFQ
5953941-701 other 25 panel as N/A N/A RFQ
ABM7536-1 other 21 duct-overhead N/A N/A RFQ
D5746037700300 other 27 slat assy-no 3 rh N/A N/A RFQ
1303A0000-03 liebherr 21-51-14-R flow control valve N/A 6/14/2013 RFQ
21W4140-515 other 71 engine harness N/A N/A RFQ
ARB1121-26 other 57 door assy N/A N/A RFQ
5822-23 other 33 pwr-supply escape path N/A N/A RFQ
D2511206900000 other 25 box assy N/A N/A RFQ
A25434021 messier bugatti dowty 32-43-16 emergency brake dual distribution valve N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
794-536-2 other 28 probe fuel N/A N/A RFQ
900-700-039-06 other 35 bottle,oxygen port.pass. N/A N/A RFQ
A5237210600000 other 52 access panel/cargo door N/A N/A RFQ
642-2000-25 other 71 mount assy-fwd eng N/A N/A RFQ
ALC7290-2 other 55 skin N/A N/A RFQ
F5332762100100 other 53 panel assy 198eb N/A N/A RFQ
F5331435500100 other 53 panel assy 192bb N/A N/A RFQ
856962-407 other 25 pax seat vueling N/A N/A RFQ
SM601BA60A22 other 24 circuit breaker N/A N/A RFQ
7101-53-1000-550-6 other 26 detector N/A N/A RFQ
PW4062-3CN other 72 pratt & whitney engine N/A N/A RFQ
ELP-362D other 26 beacon N/A N/A RFQ
CFM56-5C3/F4 other 72 engine a340 aircraft N/A N/A RFQ
F9259023404400 other 31 passenger service information unit psiu N/A N/A RFQ
S4-3300520 AMDT. C liebherr aerospace 52-33-17 hydraulic actuator N/A 6/1/2012 RFQ
TRA72-60 other 26 contr.unit(6-channel)lav. N/A N/A RFQ
5938354-501 other 71 harness misc engine demountable N/A N/A RFQ
TRA72-61 other 26 panel N/A N/A RFQ
7800029-005 other 38 valve rinse water N/A N/A RFQ

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