Two F-15 Fighter Jets Making Noise over Trump’s Fla. Estate

During Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida there was an incident where an airplane was unresponsive and this caused a major red flag to why this airplane is being unresponsive, so immediately two F-15 fighter jets took off in supersonic speed, where they caused a huge sonic boom as the planes went faster than the speed of sound, to go and try to communicate with the plane to see what the case is.

Officials said that residents complained because of the noise that was caused by the fighter jets and they started calling 911 creating a sense of emergency. The F-15 fighter jets took off from Homestead Air National Guard Base to travel at supersonic speeds, to reach the unknown aircraft and establish a communication which allowed homeland security to be off-guard.

Obviously the loud noise of the jet engines of the two fighter jets created a panic in the region, the whole purpose of them flying out there is because they want to the plane to communicate with the local FAA air traffic controllers in order to receive directions of how to fly and get instruction on landing. This took place the day before the Trump rally in southern Florida.

It was an important time for the president because it was his time to choose a national security advisor. Aerospace Purchasing is the premier supplier of networking devices and an Aircraft part supplier, if you are looking for parts then submit a request for quote online at with your parts numbers and the quantities you are looking for and someone will contact you shortly with a quote. You can also send us your request via email at and receive a quote that way. You can also speak with a sales representative at +1-412-212-0606 and receive a quote over the phone.

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