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Part Number Part Description Aircraft Model Qty RFQ
8171-1 ballast assy boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
436-2 unit - ground fault boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
79290-1503 hose heated boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
96043-02 isolator assy - apu boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
315A2512-6 door assy - blocker boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
921005 unit - digital inter boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
1732510 filter assy - air boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
60944-1 accumulator boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
113A7400-4 aileron assy - rh boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
5060-6 valve assy - l boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
233A7203-8 panel assy - data lo boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
141U4831-1 window assy - #3 lh boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
113A3700-8 flap assy - aft rh boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
256A3580-1 valve assy - te flap boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
548392-1 sensor boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
10065-1000-0403 indicator - fuel qty boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
113A1311-3 track - flap boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
233A2229-3 panel assy - flood l boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
185A1702-901 panel assy - lh 333b boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
4065956-901 display unit - indic boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
9R3806 valve - restrictor c boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
314U2100-46 nozzle assy - cf6-80 boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
33-067-2 anti skid valve boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
314-2200-18 cowl assy - rh eng p boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
174A0103-4 dorsal fin assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
214A2106-76 duct assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
233U7204-5 module assy - audio boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
113A4300-2 spoiler assy - fligh boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
65B05179-10 uplock assy - wing g boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
4061642-904 computer assy - wt a boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
314U2200-900 plug assy - turbine boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
276A3100-8 reservoir assy boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
SA-46599012 data logger boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
112N6102-6 fuel panel boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
233A3208-2 module assy - test f boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
2614-82 antenna - elt boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
143A6110-21 door assy - cargo fw boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
2960019-103 valve assy - gray wa boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
230-22-30 refrigerator freezer boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
65B05290-5 strut assy - drag lh boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
M01AB0103 humidifier boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
774469-4 air cycle machine boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
AV13J5144 valve - 3 way boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
116388-1E heater - in line boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
TSUT8000-1 sensor - trip unit boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
2S2072 valve - swing check boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
185A1702-2 panel assy - rh 343b boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
4061642-903 computer assy - wt a boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
162A3102-3 bellcrank assy door boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
113A8200-9 door assy - mlg lh c boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
S65-8262-2 antenna - vhf boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
3-111794 valve assy - drain boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
212A2611-2 duct assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
1742F5 sensor - logic modul boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
256A3710-6 tube assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
2-8020-5 fuse assy boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
2-8020-2 fuse assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
453A1220-42 shroud-cup boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
354A4000-2 apu fairing assy upp boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
110A0113-46 door assy - #23 rh 6 boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
162A1100-9 landing gear - nose boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
8410B4-4 camera door cdss boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
FT1095 transformer boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
800100-3 extinguisher - fire boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
233U7201-27 module assy - captai boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
07325P000-01 ballscrew assy - te boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
3320500-1 package assy - fligh boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
10-0359-9 light assy - dome boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
256A3410-5 transmission assy - boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
3170120-7 control package assy boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
746011J unit assy - no. 1 th boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
A3295-2 rod assy - hold open boeing 737-500 Avl RFQ
82686-U-221557 transmitter - synchr boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
5059-4 valve assy - alterna boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
843300-33 reservoir entrance d boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
066-50014-0101 receiver assy - auto boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
213A3210-7 duct assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
1779-1-2 transmitter - water boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
233A3201-309 module assy - window boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
114A1220-8 flap and bullnose as boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
224-2101-571 inlet assy - cf6-80c boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
149A7154-1 panel assy - upr fwd boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
Q4551 lamp boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
113A2100-42 flap assy - main rh boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
149A7558-14 panel - flap track a boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
1732030 filter assy boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
65-38210-19 windshield assy - lh boeing 737-800 Avl RFQ
284A1841-9 panel assy - lh boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
7GR159 pressure switch boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
116A9121-9 panel assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
21EN107-6 switch boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
9000003-1 accelerometer boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
7900062 toilet assy - lavato boeing 747-400 Avl RFQ
437-1 transformer assy boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ
149A7751-901 panel assy - 192e boeing 737-700 Avl RFQ

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