With Demand Booming, TR Fastenings Adds New Products to Self-Clinch Rang

TR fasteners is an engineering group that design, manufacture, and distribute mechanical fasteners. They do this on a global basis. They supply high volume assembly multinational OEM’s around the world. They make sure to offer high standards and high ethical conduct for their customers. And this is how they have been able to stay successful/ their products are known to have consistent quality, price and are available to be ordered and to supply automotive assemblies via mobile phones, cash dispensers.

They are known to carry over 40 global multinationals. they can provide customers with a high-quality product that are reliable. They are known to have high levels of services and commitment. Even though they offer valuable products that have a lot of quality, their prices are still affordable. They have great customer service and they really value the customer and value people so much and that is what has been helping them keep their high reputation. To keep growing as a company, and to keep up with all the new products, they are adding new products to self-clinch range. They improved to their sheet metal products to be able to meet growing requirements. This has made a 40% increase in sales over the past 5 years. 

Ever since starting to promote these products throughout Europe, they have been able to establish a network that was built upon successful and mutual relationships. This new extensive self-clinch includes many new varieties. Such as studs, nuts, standoff and panel fasteners in which all include latest additions. They offer more than 45,000 products that are easily accessible online. So it is even more efficient for the customer to look and find products that they are looking for. And again, that is for the most valuable and affordable price. Steve Wallis, TR Fastenings, Product Sales Development Manager said‘Since 2011 we have invested heavily in our self-clinch range as we continue to meet the demands of our ever-increasing customer base.

The products are used in several different industry sectors and a variety of applications. With such an extensive range of products and services now available we are confident that TR can meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse end-user and distributor network.’
    Aerospace purchasing is owned and operated by ASAP semiconductor. They are completely dedicated to sourcing and purchasing aerospace requirements. They are able to provide many of the TR Fastenings parts.

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