Mexican Navy Takes Another Delivery from Airbus Helicopters

Posted on December 22, 2016 James Williams Mexican Navy Takes Another Delivery from Airbus Helicopters

The Mexican Navy is one of the two independent armed forces of Mexico. Their mission is to “ use the naval force of the federation for external defense, and to help with internal order” they always try ti maintain a constant modernization program in order to upgrade to its response capability.

They have many duties and tasks. They try to keep their country as safe as possible.Their biggest mission is their war on drugs also to help people In hurricane relief operations and other natural disasters. To make sure they are fully qualified to protect their people, they always try to have their best airplanes the best services they can get. They get many deliveries from Airbus helicopters, they recently have taken the delivery of the trd and fourth airbus Helicopter and its second Aibus H225 super Puma.

Many of the airbus panthers are expected for delivery by early 2018. It may seem like it is a while from now. But it is not that far away. The time will pass by very fast. They will be able to have the protection and the air plains that they need to be able to work efficiently. The helicopters that they are expecting to get ar medium helicopters that are outfitted for anti-surface unit warfare.

These air planes are outfitted and are capable to loiter for more than four hours. They have 100% composite fenstron shrouded tails roots. Which that leads to high safety and low noise levels. But the Airbus super puma is a heavy multirole helicopter. It is known to have an all-weather capability with night vision goggle support and this is especially beneficial for the Mexican army because of their uncertain weather in Mexico. Another key factor is that it has an air to air refueling capability. Which is very convenient.

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