Thales Introduces Avionics Suites at Heli-Expo

Posted on March 30, 2017 James Williams Thales Introduces Avionics Suites at Heli-Expo

Like any new technology invented there are always concerns about the safety of the product and how it can affect the users. When airplanes were invented safety was a concern and only few people understood the applications that will keep them safe, they had the awareness of what makes this machine safe. In order for more people to fly an airplane; the people who are capable of designing and building the airplane have to create a much safer and instructed tools that will guide them through their flight.

This creates a more stable system to make everyone capable of flying and landing safer trips. Having said that, if it wasn’t for all the instructions that the aviation society put together and for the tools and equipment that we have on board on all kinds of airplanes to ensure that each part of the airplane is fully functional and creates a safe environment for traveling.

Thales is a company that does just that; development to create safety and security for a safer world in a number of different avenues such as Aerospace, Space, Ground Transportation, Defense and Security. Thales Aircraft parts are not the same kind of aircraft parts that are used to make an airplane fly but their parts are designed to create more safety on board while flying in terms of information data that can be acquired on board. Thales are now introducing their first fully connected cockpit for helicopters which was viewed at the Heli-Expo, it is going to have new connected features and display information and data from secured avionics.

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