Aircraft Electrical Systems Components

Posted on January 22, 2019 James Williams Aircraft Electrical Systems Components

All aircraft are fitted with some form of a direct current electrical system (DC) which generates, transmits, distributes, and stores electrical energy. These systems usually operate at 14- or 28-volts.  Aircraft electrical systems are an integral component to an aircraft because they provide it with power.  Most of these systems consist of the below components:

      Supply electric current to the electrical system
      Maintain charge in the battery
      Produce alternating current (AC) and convert to direct current (DC)
      Provides a source of power
      Used to start the engine and backup the generator

Master/Battery switch
        Controls electrical power to the aircraft
        Split into two functions: left switch controls the alternator and the right switch controls the battery

Alternator/Generator switch
        Allows the pilot to eliminate the alternator from the electrical system
        Used in the event that the alternator goes into failure

Bus bar/Fuses/Circuit breakers
        Bus bar – used as a terminal that connects the main system to the equipment; provides a common point for voltage to distribute throughout the electrical system

        Fuses –Protect from electrical overload; replaced once they are burnt out

        Circuit Breakers –Also protect from electrical overload; Can be manually reset instead of replaced

Voltage regulator
        Controls the rate of charge to the battery

        Stabilizes alternator/generator electrical output

        Ammeter –Indicates condition of charging system; A negative indicator reflects more current being drawn from the battery, a positive indicator means there’s a regulator malfunction

        Loadmeter –Reflects percentage of load that is placed on the generating capacity of electrical accessories and the battery; When all other electrical components are off, it shows the amount of charging current required by the battery

 Warning light
        Indicates discharge in system
        Any movement of current between the battery and alternator will cause the light to power on.

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