A Summary of Cable Assemblies

Posted on January 6, 2021 James Williams A Summary of Cable Assemblies

The cable assembly and wire harness are two electronic components that many consider the same thing. However, they are in fact somewhat different. A wire harness is a grouping of wires that are designed to transmit signals or electrical power. A wire harness typically has multiple branches or ends that can go off in multiple directions with several terminations on every branch. So, how is this different from a cable assembly? In this blog, we will differentiate cable assemblies from wire harnesses, explain the components of a cable assembly, and discuss its many applications.

Not only are cable assemblies and wire harnesses different things, but cables and wires themselves are also different. A wire is a single conductor usually made of copper or aluminum. A cable, on the other hand, is two or more conductors wrapped in a single exterior enclosure or jacket. Most cables consist of a positive wire that carries an electrical current, a neutral wire that completes the electrical loop, and a grounding wire which protects from electrical surges. A cable assembly consists of a group of wires or cables enclosed in a singular tube of rubber, vinyl, or a pressure extruded thermoplastic like polyurethane. Rather than a wire harness which exposes a number of separate wires, a cable assembly contains all wires within a single cable.

The cable assembly’s external jacket serves three main purposes. The first is to protect the grouping of wires or cables from exposure to outside factors such as extreme temperature, fire, moisture, dust, friction, and chemical substances. Second, much like the jackets used to cover wire harnesses, the exterior material also protects people and environmental materials that could potentially be harmed by the flow of electricity. Thirdly, it also ensures that the electrical systems are organized and easy for technicians to handle while simultaneously protecting the inner wiring and cable from general wear and tear.

Cable assemblies are helpful in many applications. Business and facilities from virtually all industries require the use of electronic equipment and have the need for cable assemblies. Because they are designed to safely organize many different electrical wires, they can be used in a variety of environments as well as both indoor and outdoor settings. Cable assemblies allow users to keep track of their wires and cables and provide electrical workers with safe and easy access to electrical systems. Whatever application your cable assembly will ultimately be used in, to ensure its long-term efficiency and reliability, it’s crucial to get them from a top-quality source.

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