Main Bonding Jumper and System Bonding Jumper – Learn the Difference

A main bonding jumper is a conductor that acts as the link between the equipment grounding conductor and the grounded service conductor. The purpose of the main bonding jumper is to fasten the EGC (equipment grounding conductors) to the neutral conductor of the electrical service. In other words, it carries the ground-fault current from the service enclosure as well as from the equipment grounding system that is returning to the source. You can read more about the main-bonding jumper and its uses below. 

The need for the main bonding jumper is to build an efficient method of connecting an electrical current that would otherwise be interrupted by the ground earth. The earth offers far too much resistance for current to flow fast enough back to its source. That is why those working in the electric field will often utilize a main bonding jumper to act as the in-between circuit road between bare green equipment grounding and neutral conductors. The bare/green equipment grounding conductors within the branch-circuits must be in contact with the Neutral Conductor of the electrical system; this provides a path of minimal resistance for fault current to flow back to the source of the electricity being generated- the utility company transformer.
It’s important for those working in the electrical field to understand why things like the main bonding jumper is necessary or why this equipment should never be grounded to a grounding electrode. Electricians must use the main jumping bonder for safety reasons. The main bonding jumper helps prevent circuit breakers from tripping improperly and potentially causing any fire hazards. Doing otherwise could pose a potential risk for the workers and for nearby residents. If you have any further questions on the main bonding jumper, as well as how and why to use to, don’t hesitate to contact our team. 

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