Magnetic Bearings are the Binding between SKF And Cryostar in Asia

A French manufacture for turbo expanders known as Cryostar has been choosen to be a part of a bearing order alongside SKF Inc bearings that will be installed in a plant in China. The bearings that have been chosen to service the order are S2M series magnetic bearings alongside the latest generation E300V2 control cabinet that Cyrostar has to offer. SKF solutions will be implemented in the MTC200 (oil-free) expanders series that will be delivered to a Chinese company, Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yanan Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.

The Chinese company plans to use these magnetic bearing to be able to boost their operation speed to a high of 40,000 rpm. The reason behind SKF magnetic bearings to be integrated in the MTC200 bearing turbines are due to the SKFs being a non-friction and contact free that allow the wheel speed to reach its maximum potential when operating. Alongside the delivery of the bearings the latest control cabinet will be a great attribute to the order when delivered.

The control cabinet comes equipped with many new characteristics such as,” remote monitoring, on-line data measurement and easy post-processing functionalities providing a high degree of autonomy for plant operators.” The magnetic control system is able to run diagnostics and is able to check on the systems health that is able to measure the speed of the rotation, vibrations, and temperature.

One of the many features that the bearing differentiates itself to be the best option for the job is its oil – free technology. Being built without oil removes the chances of oil to be spilled into the process gas and eliminating the chances that oil can contaminate the equipment. Per a statement by the Director of Sales of SKF, Sylvain Bayard he explains what kind of relationship this contract has created by saying “this contract shows we have earned the confidence of turbomachinery manufacturers and end-users alike in highly-competitive markets such as China. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Cryostar, together we have successfully completed over hundred projects all over the world.”

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