General Aviation Hits Astonishing Numbers for First Half of 2017

General Aviation Manufacturing Association has been able to reach remarkable numbers in the aircraft industry completed in only the first 6 months of the year 2017. Reaching sales of an approximated of 9billion of aircraft sales. Between the period of January – June 2017 there was a total of 995 aircrafts that were completed and released by the OEM. Aircrafts that were released included in these numbers vary from piston aircrafts, turboprops, to business jets.

The numbers differ from previous years but not in a manner that one might believe so. There has been a 2.7% increase numbers appose to the same time frame of the year 2016. In overall numbers the 9 billion in aircraft sales happens to be a reduction of 3.4 %. This reduction might be accountable from excluding the rotorcraft shipments account in another separate report.

The first 6 months also showed an increase in the business jet shipments of a whole 3 units totaling 295 deliveries. As the business jet shipments increased the turboprop divisions took a decrease of 0.9% (two units) also recorded in lue of the previous year’s numbers.

Note that Textron accumulated one of the highest of total shipments. The shipments were accumulated by renown OEMs such as Beechcraft and Cessna with a total of 142 shipments.

Consistent numbers continue to many more shipments were released by Cessna and Skyhawks.

As stated by the CEO of Textron, Scott Donnelly, he believes that the sales of the business jet is very centered in the North American market. Studying the trends and makes him believe that North America is bringing in the most shipments.

“GAMA’s report comes following the recent publishing of Aircraft Electronics Association’s (AEA) business and general aviation second quarter 2017 aftermarket avionics sales report, which showed a 5.4% year-over-year increase.”

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