What Are The Fastener Coating Requirement for Safety?

Posted on December 19, 2017 James Williams What Are The Fastener Coating Requirement for Safety?

Not only do fasteners need to meet certain requirements, but so do the fastener coatings. They must be environmentally safe. Environments requirements for fastener coatings include; ELV, REACH, and RoHS. ELV (End of Life Vehicle), REACH (EU Regulation for the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals), and RoHS (Restriction of the Use of Hazardous substances) all contribute to keeping the customers and environment safe.

These coatings must also be resilient to all kinds of rust, along with many other specific requirements. Requirements are not a problem with the right Aircraft Fasteners Supplier, they will ensure parts meet all requirements or safety and beyond.

There are many types of fasteners, some including powertrain, exterior, interior, and safety critical. Powertrain fasteners are in the transmission and engine area, and focus on heat resilience. Exterior fasteners, are self-explanatory, and located on the body or outside of the car. Due to their level of exposure, they require a larger resistance than many other fasteners from things like rain and sun. An example of a fastener that requires less resistance to the environment is interior fasteners. They are located within the car, and are focused on looking good for the riders.

The final fastener mentioned is the safety critical fastener, which are used on parts of the vehicle that we have a huge reliability, and therefore have a requirement of strength. Imagine a fastener giving out on your seatbelt or brake at the wrong time. Safety fasteners must be reliable.

With all the improving information and technology for testing, the requirements for all things, including fasteners and their coatings are increasing. This should not be taken lightly, and with the right fastener coatings specialists can be easily followed.

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