Excellent Alternatives to Nuts and Bolts Fasteners and Elements

During the scope of manufacturing and production of screws, nuts, and washers, manufacturers have always used metals to produce these items. For a long time, metal was chosen due to its durability, and other materials such as plastic and wood were not considered because of how fragile they were. However, some manufacturers are now creating these materials out of plastic. One example is Bäcker GmbH & Co, who started in 1977 and utilizes high performance plastics that can replace metal articles. They produce plastic nuts, washers, screws, and control elements for customers all across the globe.

Currently, their products are grouped into four categories under the Placo series. They have PlacoGrip, which pertains to operating elements such as levers, blocking handles, and bolts. PlacoTec, which pertains to standard elements such as nuts, spacer rolls, screws, and washers. PlacoCap, which pertains to protective elements such as plugs and caps, both ribbed and smooth. PlacoEngineering pertains to project solutions which allows a user to create custom articles for their project. PlacoEngineering offers tailor-made individual solutions for people with special requirements. Despite Bäcker’s incredible product line, they plan to expand their product range and develop more items.

There are many benefits to using plastic as an alternative to steel or other metals. Plasic is much more flexible to work with due to its non-conductivity and light weight. Moreover, plastics can come in various materials, sizes, and colors. The weight difference between metals and plastic also allows transportation of these products to be much more bearable and eases the pain of carrying an extremely heavy load. Hopefully our technology continues to progress where we will be able to use lighter materials like plastic to fulfill our building needs.

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