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Posted on May 12, 2020 James Williams All About The ATA Chapters List

When designing, manufacturing, and procuring commercial aviation parts, it is helpful to have a referencing standard and cataloguing system to help establish order and ease of learning. The ATA 100 is a numbering system that has established itself as such a commercial aircraft documentation standard, allowing for pilots, maintenance technicians, and engineers to quickly and easily understand various aircraft systems and components.

The ATA Chapters list was first published on June 1, 1956 by the Air Transport Association (ATA), now known as Airlines for America (A4A). The main goal of Airlines for America is to help United States airlines flourish for the benefit of local, national, and international economies. To ensure this goal is met, advocates of the company regularly participate in government and authority decisions regarding aviation. This mission is what helped spark the ATA chapters list, allowing for a comprehensive guide and numbering system to provide guidelines for technical manuals.
The ATA Chapters list is widely used by many airliners in order to assist in maintenance for their in-service parts and components. Over the years since the initial release of the ATA chapters list, the documentation has seen consistent updates leading into the turn of the century. The last update that the ATA 100 received was in 1999, in which Airlines for America discontinued publication. Currently, the ATA 100 has been merged with the ATA Spec 2100, which itself has now been incorporated into the ATA iSpec 2200. There are also many ATA airline members, including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Air Lines, Federal Express Corporation, Hawaiian Airlines, and others.
The ATA Chapters list has a specific numbering system, such as 25-33-20, 35-21-93, and 25-60-56, each of which denote a particular section and parts. For instance, the Chapter 49 - APU may list an ATA part as 49-10-1, and so on. The ATA 100 contains a robust list of ATA parts, all categorized into larger sections including Aircraft General Parts, Aircraft Systems, Structure, Propeller/rotor, Powerplant, Bearings,and Miscellaneous.
The Aircraft General ATA section includes those that are in relation to airworthiness limitations, placards and markings, services, hardware and general tools, and other similar chapters. This section contains chapters 00 to 18, encompassing more general procedures and parts that pertain to most commercial aviation operations. The next section is Aircraft Systems which contains ATA chapters 20 through 49. These chapters include many of the primary structures, systems, and components of commercial aviation such as electrical power, equipment/furnishings, navigation, lights, cabin systems, communication, and more.
The following section contains chapters 50 through 57, and these pertain to the structure of the aircraft itself, such as the doors, fuselage, windows, wings, and similar ATA parts. Chapters 60 through 67 then continue into the propeller and rotors that may be utilized for aircraft, including the structures, drives, and flight control. The last major section includes ATA chapters 71 through 85, which dictate power plants and related items such as oil, exhaust, and fuel cell systems. The final section of the ATA Chapters list is the Miscellaneous section in which charts, wiring reporting, flight simulator systems, and flight simulator cuing system ATA parts are categorized.
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